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Noah W. Bailey
Beats your hippie bowl of Kashi, huh?
8949 Garland Road

Dude Factor: 10, or The Hangover, on a scale of 1 (Very Bad Things) to 10. 

A good friend of mine describes Barbec's as "where East Dallas meets East Texas." Walk in any morning and you'll see what he means -- you might rub elbows with contractors and old blue hairs as well as high school kids and the Lance Armstrong-worshiping set, who somehow find it perfectly acceptable to show their balls to an entire restaurant full of strangers (pack some jeans in the backpack, Lakewood LeMond.)

We started coming to Barbec's in the '80s, and we're pretty sure the same old dude's been busing the tables ever since. The wait staff is also delightfully devoid of hipsters -- if you don't like being called "honey" or "sweetie" by a spunky old lady, this isn't the restaurant for you.
We found ourselves there for the first time in a long time last weekend, under the same circumstances that most people our age find themselves when they end up to Barbec's -- hung the-eff-over. You see, we served as groomsmen in a wedding last weekend and fulfilled our duties by getting the groom properly sauced the night before. The next morning we realized we needed a hangover cure of epic proportions to ensure we actually made it to the ceremony, and only one thing would do -- Barbec's beer biscuits, which have served the same purpose to East Dallasites for millennia.

Granted, we had to take a quick nap afterward, but those bad boys worked their magic just the same, joining forces with their comrades -- eggs, bacon and gravy -- to vanquish the lingering memory of Mr. Jameson. And while the beer biscuits are undoubtedly the star attraction of any Barbec's breakfast, the bacon and eggs are nothing to sneeze at, either -- the grill guys here obviously know what they're doing, executing a perfect scramble and finding the crispy-yet-melt-in-your-mouth sweet spot of the thick-cut bacon.

Honestly, it's the best straight-up breakfast in town for the money. Make it in before 11 a.m. and it'll only cost you $4.99. They even bring you the check with your breakfast -- so you can get in, get out and work some extra hangover napping into your day. They have a bajillion other things on the menu too, but it usually hurts too much to read when we're in there, so we just stick with what works. 

Just remember to bring cash, because Barbec's is so old school they don't even take credit cards. Luckily, last weekend we had plenty of ones handy.

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Chinese Whispers
Chinese Whispers

This place is so hit-or-miss. I went there for the first time in 2005 and have eaten there probably 30 or 40 times since. The last couple of times we went the cleanliness factor was dismal. Sometimes the biscuits taste and smell of stale crappy beer. The friday night all you can eat catfish though, that's another story. Fantastic.


@vv Sometimes the perfect scramble is all about restraint. Also, I am not an egg scientist.


How are those eggs a perfect scramble ? They appear to have been cooked on a flat top and folded over on themselves.


Sounds awesome. But you are vastly underrating Very Bad Things.


Obviously you've never enjoyed the greatness that is Barbec's.

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