Bikini's Sports Bar & Grill's Boobish Concept Evolving in DFW

You say you want to see 'em big, DFW? Well, City of Ate delivers.
The breastaurant scene in Dallas is about to get bigger.

Bikini's Sports Bar & Grill, which got its start in Austin, is opening its first Dallas area location in April. According to founder Doug Guller, the Arlington location is one of three DFW grills scheduled to open this year.

"We've chosen Arlington as our flagship for several reasons," Guller explains. "We like the fact you can stand in the parking lot and see Cowboy Stadium, the Rangers, Six Flags and a water park. We're hoping we can bring another quality brand to the I-30 strip."

Bikini's currently has restaurants in Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and Charlotte, North Carolina. In literature for potential franchise owners, Bikini's is described as "a sport-lover's preferred destination...with a Southwestern feel and the universal appeal of beautiful girls." As the name suggests, the "girls" wear bikini tops and denim shorts.

Guller says he's not worried the market for breastaurants -- which he prefers to call "image-based restaurants" -- has become oversaturated, noting his concept has thrived "in a very challenging economy." According to Guller, Bikini's hasn't acquired any debt over the course of opening seven restaurants and launching a franchise program. He attributes the company's success to an emphasis on quality.

"I guess it's the Darwin theory," he says. "We feel very confident about opportunities given the competitive landscape. We feel our offerings are premium."

Bikini's has committed to opening two more corporate-owned stores in the Dallas area this year and is actively seeking franchisees to open more.

"We're really going to make a splash, pun intended," Guller says.

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Slightly over priced average at best food served by stripper starter kits? Just don't get it; if you want to see nekid women just man up and go to a strip club.

Motorcycle Mirrors


Used to go to the one on I35 in Austin for Bike night. Big crowds and plenty of bikes. The food was good too.


Another chain restaurant for Arlington. WTG!!


This is for doofus guys that take their families to so they can 'subtly' ogle young girls. Creeps me out almost as bad as strip joints - for ****s sake, who eats there??


the college girls might be better off telling daddy they work at an image-based restaurant.

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