Six Ways to Super Bowl Rickroll Party Guests With Appetizers

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Patrick Michels
The Taco Bell Six Ply Appetizer.
Super Bowl parties are awesome -- unless you're a fan of the team the host hates. You're a Packers fan but you're headed to a party that'll mostly be Steelers fans. Or you're a Steelers fan headed to a party that's going to be Packers-heavy. And on top of that pain, they expect you to bring an appetizer? No problem.

It's time to support the team you love by pwning your enemy with some Super Bowl appetizer rickrolling. Tell the host you're bringing something mouthwatering, but really show up with something lame and kinda disgusting:

Make sure the outside tortilla is Mount Doom hot.
1. "Hey guys, I brought pinwheels!"

Ingredients: 1 frozen burrito, sliced into rounds. Preparation: Blast burrito in the microwave for 30 seconds to turn burrito into the food equivalent of Icy Hot: hot on the outside to burn your face off, still icy in the middle to soothe the pain. Slice into rounds and beautifully arrange on a plate.

For bigger portions, use four to five thousand packets.
2. "Salsa, anyone?"

Ingredients: your collection of expired salsa and hot sauce from Taco Bell (substituting Taco Bueno or Wendy's would also work), 1 bowl.

Preparation: Dump unopened packages into bowl.

3. "Sure, I can bring sliders."

Ingredients: 1 McDonald's Quarter Pounder, 1 McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

Preparation: Tear burger and fish sandwich into smaller, slider-looking bites. Carefully lick the top of each slider so they glisten beautifully. Serve.

Careful, that's not sour cream...
4. "I made this 7-layer bean dip all by myself."

Ingredients: 3 slices leftover ham & pineapple pizza (if leftover is unavailable, frozen pizza also works. But just thaw it, do not bake), 1 can refried beans, 2-dozen deviled eggs, 2 cups leftover chicken lo mein, sour cream (or curdled milk), Walgreens Gentle Laxative, shredded cheddar

Preparation: Layer each ingredient in a lovely casserole dish, serve.

The only guest who WOULDN'T be rickrolled by this one.
5. "Screwdrivers!"

Ingredients: 1 shot of vodka, orange juice, just a dash of Vicodin.

Preparation: Combine ingredients in a glass filled with ice. Enjoy a quiet game by halftime.

For best results, fold into potato salad at least 7 days prior.
6. "Sweet! Football Cake."

Ingredients: 3 tubs of Pillsbury whipped milk chocolate icing, 1
package white Pillsbury decorating icing, 1 Pillsbury yellow cake mix,
1 cup potato salad, 1 cup cole slaw, 12 Kroger deli chicken wings,
paper towels.

Preparation: Bake yellow cake as package directs, cut in half. Put top layer aside. On bottom layer, evenly spread potato salad, followed by cole slaw. Next, add chicken wings and paper towels (tip of the hat to Bill Cosby). Top with the second cake layer, cut into football shape. Carefully frost with chocolate icing. Draw white laces on top of football cake. Serve.

Want to see which Super Bowl parties you could rickroll? Check out our Super Bowl Events Page.

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I feel like I am in the appetite to eat. Seeing at those foods makes me feel starving. 

Super Bowl Appetizers
Super Bowl Appetizers

 Superbowl appetizer can start out day right. In every meal, it is important that we consider appetizers to better enjoy our food as a whole. I love cooking and this is a sure hit!


good work!


Ick... And not funny, frankly


"hot on the outside to burn your face off, still icy in the middle to soothe the pain." LMFAO!!!

Nick R.
Nick R.

"Carefully lick the top of each slider so they glisten beautifully. Serve." I think it's the "carefully" that got me there.

Ed D.
Ed D.

This blog post will be Exhibit A at your war crimes trial in The Hague.

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