Si Tapas: You Should Taste What You're Missing

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Each week, Happy Eating will highligh a different restaurant happy hour food menu, keeping you informed of what deals are out there.

This week, we pay a visit to the State Thomas neighborhood and explore the extensive happy hour menu at Si Tapas.

Where: Si Tapas and Spanish Cuisine, 2207 Allen St.
When: 4-7 p.m Monday-Thursday
The Scene: Think cozy, warm and intimate, complete with candlelight and wood floors. Happy hour is served throughout the whole restaurant and not just in the bar area.
The Deal: A list of their most popular tapas, all for $2. Items include Spanish potato omelet, papas bravas, grilled green onions and fennel, sea salted almonds, papas con chorizo, tomato salad and calamari, just to name a few.

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The Steals: Everything. All 15 items on the happy hour menu cost $5-$7 during regular hours.
The Con: It would be great if happy hour included Fridays.
Eat: Gambas al allijo. This shrimp swims in an immensely tasty garlic sauce, perfect in which to dip their equally tasty oven-warmed bread (the bakery from which they get said bread remains a secret). Also good are the Montaditos, or breads with various toppings. There are four different toppings, but most notable is the tomato marmalade with pine nuts and goat cheese.
Skip: The chicken in garlic sauce. It's the same sauce used in the shrimp dish, but whereas it flavors the shrimp nicely, it's washed out in the chicken dish. Chicken was a bit dry and could have used a marinating.
Lushworthy: Cheap sangria and a very reasonable priced bottle of decent house red wine.

The bottom line: This is one of the better happy hours in town, and it's still a (too) well-kept secret. Take advantage, already.

Location Info

Si Tapas Restaurant & Bar

2207 Allen St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Mr. Man
Mr. Man

I have heard this place was good. $2 tappas i'm there.

Elizabeth Bair
Elizabeth Bair

One of my favorite happy hour spots! That bread is really good, but I wish they'd reveal the source.

Kristy Yang
Kristy Yang

I tried! I really tried to get it out of them!

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