Picture Show: The Amazing Pies of Dallas

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Kristy Yang
Mecca Restaurant's Lemon Meringue. Jealous? See the full slideshow.
Not sure if you've heard, but pie is totally the new cupcake. Yeah, it's everywhere, dude. The New York Times even wrote about it, saying New York and San Francisco are centers of pie innovation. Not to be out delicious-ed, City of Ater Kristy Yang took a pie tour of Dallas -- and brought back pictures to make us all wickedly jealous.

Oh yes, after the jump, there will be pie. Serious pies too: Mile high lemon cream pies from Norma's, and Bread Winner's massive decadent chocolate pie. For the full New Year's resolution-busting round of photos, head on over to the slideshow as presented by Kristy Yang: the Amazing Pies of Dallas.

Courtesy of Norma's Cafe
Norma's Cafe: The Mile High Lemon Cream

Kristy Yang
Bread Winner's Chocolate Cream Pie

Uncle Willie's Pecan Pie

Mama's Daughter: The Cherry Crumb Pie

Kristy Yang
Sourcream Apple Streusal Pie at Kathleen's Sky Diner

See more pie in Kristy Yang's slideshow.

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