PETA Gives Kiss to Spiral Diner; Does Tofu Make You Cranky?

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Spiral Diner's staffers aren't letting an award from PETA distract them from their work slinging tofu scrambles and mixing soy milkshakes.

"I really don't know," a man who identified himself as manager of the Fort Worth branch said with a snarl when City of Ate called to ask how the restaurant had beat out eateries in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City to win the animal rights organization's prize for "best local restaurant."

Exhaling a huge sigh of frustration, he added: "Why don't you call back some other time?"

Sure, no problem: What would be a convenient time to talk about what makes your vegan restaurant so great?

"Later. Just later," he said before rushing the phone back to its cradle.

A spokesperson for PETA wasn't sure what catapulted Spiral Diner to the top of the public poll that determined winners in the "Libbies" (short for "animal liberation.") But Shakira Croce said besting restaurants in big cities known for their vegan scenes is "definitely" an impressive feat.

"I don't think they've entered before," Croce said.

Spiral Diner has previously won recognition from VegNews Magazine, which in 2007 bestowed "restaurant of the year" honors upon the popular café.

Other edible winners in PETA's fifth annual Libby competition included Chipotle Mexican Grill, for best restaurant chain; Denny's, for best veggie burger; and Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, named best fake meat.

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tofu recipes
tofu recipes

If tofu made you cranky I would be one realy cranky vegan :)


I have eaten there once. The veggie burger tasted exactly like what we used to eat in elementary school. I spent the next 2 days on the toilet. May have been a coincidence, but I think it was probably the pasta salad.


Let me tell you guys. I was the one that ol' Hanna was talking to on the phone. And she is exaggerating like crazy. Here's how it really went.

ME: Spiral Diner.HANNA: Hey idiot, I heard your stupid restaurant won some stupid award. How the Hell did you manage that?ME: Umm.. I really don't know...HANNA: Oh! You don't know!? I'm sorry! You must have so many awards that you can't keep up with them!ME: I'm not saying that. I haven't been here in a couple of days and if we....HANNA: chew chew chew chew smack chewME: Umm.. ma'am? are you choking?HANNA: No! I'm eating a friggin' mozzarella cheese stick. Mmmm. It sure is good! I bet that offends your vegan sensibilities that I'm eating this huh? ME: Well, it was unnerving that you were chewing it with your mouth open but I don't even really claim to be vegan. Maybe you should call back when the owner is here.HANNA: Sorry MR VEGAN!! I didn't mean to offend you and have you come crying to the owner! HAHA! Whadda wimp!HANG UP.

Then she keyed my (probably hybrid) car. What's the deal Hanna?

That's an entirely fake conversation derived from a real ten second conversation. See, it can work both ways.

Also, if this person wants to blame "rudeness" on being vegan. What would have happened if a chinese food or soul food place won some kind of award and she got the same "Call back in just a little bit" response?

Al Rios
Al Rios

I wonder if you realize that managers at restaurants usually don't sit around in offices playing websudoku writing soundbites for the local weekly magazines. They usually do stuff like serve food and clean and you know, manage a restaurant. The food is great at Spiral, the service is always great and everybody at the Fort Worth location is a huge sweetheart. So maybe you should be a little kinder with your words next time you're spending a whole 5 minutes, including research on an article. Just sayin'.


it's pretty obnoxious to write an article based on a phone interview where you asked to call later...

spiral won because their food is generally better than most vegan restaurants around the country. vegans that travel do so to eat! we know where good food is.


Good food, but maybe that vegan diet turns people into assholes over long periods of time.

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