Early Valentine's Gift Idea: Get Le Whif of Breathable Chocolate

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Think Geek
Personally, we prefer Chocolate Marlboro.
Avoiding sweets is difficult enough without second-hand chocolate smoke. Well, "smoke" is not technically accurate. Thanks to Le Whif, however, with the "first prototype of the food inhaler" you can pretty much smoke your way through a six pack of cocoa.

While your first reaction is possibly annoyance at the novelty of the product, David Edwards, in his book The Lab: Creativity and Culture is working hard. The excerpt from the novel over on Boing Boing illustrates the Harvard professor's chronicle of the chocolate-mist-inhaler-thing:

Having looked into the idea of inhaled aerosols for delivering drugs and vaccines, I brought up the idea of breathing these colloids into your mouth. Later in the fall I shared that notion with students at Harvard University. They would need to make the food particles small enough to get into the air, and large enough to avoid entry into the lungs under all conditions of breathing. We knew this much. But what did inhaling food mean?

Thankfully, Think Geek (after the jump, check out their instructional video) has them up for sale for a nominal price. Valentine's Day gift idea?

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Gee, I guess I can throw those old benzedrine inhalers stuffed with Morgen away now. What a novel idea. Anyone remember poppers?


Take as a little practice to get the "whiffing" right, but they're definatly fun. You can find them online on Amazon or NewLeafChocolates.com


i have a bunch of Le Whif inhalers that i ordered when they first came out. they're interesting.. made me choke a bit, but definitely tasted like chocolate air.

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