Cheese Industry Steers Packer Fans to Scardello

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While local restaurants are rushing to acquaint Dallas area eaters with the finer points of Primanti Bros.-style sandwiches, Green Bay cuisine is getting considerably less attention from Super Bowl-minded eateries.

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub in Arlington is the latest restaurant to Pittsburgh-fy its menu, making its Steeler visitors -- including the crew from WBGG, the "sports radio home of the Pittsburgh Steelers" -- feel at home with iconic fry-stuffed sandwiches and black-and-gold beer. It wouldn't be hard for any self-respecting bar to ramp up its Packer hospitality by frying fish and pouring pints of Milwaukee's Best, but thus far no area restaurant has gone public with its plans.

So when the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board was putting together a list of DFW places where Packer fans could get their cheese fix, it reached out to Scardello, the artisan cheese shop in uptown.

"We carry a number of Wisconsin cheeses," says owner Rich Rogers.

Those cheese include Uplands Cheese's Pleasant Ridge Reserve, which took the prestigious Best in Show award at last year's American Cheese Society competition, and Uplands' Rush Creek Reserve, a washed cheese wrapped in spruce bark.

"It's the talk of the cheese world," says Rogers, who's down to his last few wheels. "It's phenomenal."

Packer fans can buy their cheese to go, or order up an all-Wisconsin plate at the store.

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Scardello Artisan Cheese

3511 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

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Hannah, we reallyl do have to get you familiar with the city you review (sigh); "we" created Uptown as a moniker to sell real estate when it was failing along McKinney Avenue, it was the "Vineyard" in the late 70s but forgodsakes, Oak Lawn @ Lemmon has never been anything but Oak Lawn. Please avoid calling North Dallas "lower Plano" or LoPlay as well. Thanks, but amusing article nonetheless; nobody from Wisconsin, as pointed out, is the cartoon dairy farmers we make them out to be.


They also have the newest food product for Born-Again Christians:

Cheeses of Nazareth!


I can't imagine anyone coming here from Wisconsin for a few days and looking for cheese.

My wife is from Wis. and one thing that's hard to find here is genuine Wis. brats prepared the way they do it over there, marinated in beer, with onions, etc. yuuum!


Scardello is not in "Uptown"...

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