(30K) Millionaires: Where to Spend Your Cash This Week

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If you have the cash, you could watch the Super Bowl with this old boat captain.
Let's pretend you're a big spender who can't score tickets to the Super Bowl. What do you do with all that cash next week? You could blow it all on one awesome party, perhaps the Leather & Laces event at Hotel Zaza or a night at The Lodge, but we think you should spread the wealth. For the legitimate millionaires and $30,000 millionaires out there, have a week you'll never forget, or possibly one you'll be too drunk to remember.

What's cooler than eating at one of the city's best restaurants? Eating at John Tesar's newest restaurant before it opens. The Cedars Social (1326 South Lamar St.) is set to open after the big game, but you can get a sneak peek next week during Super Supper, a four-day event which features hand-crafted cocktails and meals created by guest chefs. On January 31, Tim Byres of Smoke will open the dinner series, and Tiffany Derry, John Tesar, Bradley Ogden and Matt Macallister will also serve as guest chefs during the week. It's $125 a person, so make sure you drink plenty of those handmade mojitos.

If there's one thing douchebags love more than Ed Hardy apparel, it's exclusive clubs where only the wealthiest and most powerful can gain entrance. The members-only rooftop lounge above Tei-An in One Arts Plaza is the place where the rich can schmooze with their kind, but now you can score an invite to rub elbows on the posh rooftop. Tei-An (1722 Routh St.) is allowing public access to the patio from now until the Super Bowl, so you sip cocktails and nibble on sashimi with a view of the skyline right behind your chopsticks. Access is free, but the cocktails, food and the BMW you'll rent to get there are going to cost you big bucks.

Should you find yourself meandering through Fort Worth with an extra $500 in your pocket, make your way to Reata (310 Houston St.) in Sundance Square for the Jaws Cigar Party, hosted by former NFL star and ESPN analyst Ron "Jaws" Jaworski. Smoke stogies with your favorite football players and get your fill of Johnny Walker Scotch. Of course, you could buy a few bottles of Blue Label for this price, but who's going to snap a photo of you at home with a rusty nail in hand?

After partying on Friday and Saturday, you're going to need eggs and a mimosa to cure that brutal hangover. Since Denny's just won't do, make reservations at Nana (2201 Stemmons Freeway) for their $65 pre-game brunch. The three-course meal features dishes like scrambled eggs with wild mushroom shavings and pan-roasted chicken served with goat cheese and pine nut sofrito. We bet there's a bagel with caviar cream cheese somewhere on that menu.

Visit our online guide for a complete list of Super Bowl XLV-related events.

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