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Well, it certainly looks tasty.
If you're planning on staying at home tonight because, well, you just don't go out on Tuesdays, you might want to reconsider because Culpepper Steak House in Rockwall is hosting a white truffle dinner at 7 p.m. We can hear the groans already -- another truffle dinner? Trust us, this is one meal you won't want to miss. Culpepper Steakh House outbid restaurants like Morimoto in New York to acquire a massive white truffle from Alba, Italy, in an auction earlier this year. Now, that giant truffle, which is the largest to enter the United States in three years, will be the star of tonight's dinner. Local chefs like Randall Copeland of Restaurant Ava and Brian Luscher of The Grape will craft a seven-course dinner that features quail, veal, and pheasant. Sharon Hage, who recently closed York Street, will contribute the first course, chilled Main lobster with truffle puree. Where do we sign up?

Location Info

Culpepper Steak House

309 E. Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX

Category: Restaurant

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