Taking It Nice and (Big) Easy at Whiskey Cake

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New Orleans is a food-lovers paradise, and such an all-around cool town that it has its own official cocktail---Sazerac, a power-packed concoction of rye whiskey (or cognac), absinthe, and Peychaud's bitters. At Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar, the trendy new Tollway tavern in Plano, your waitress or bartender will ask if you prefer rye or cognac, then it will be served neat (no ice) in a lowball glass. Sip slowly, as this potent potable packs a punch if guzzled fast, and besides, then it will be easier for you to imagine that you are at Galatoires or Commanders Palace in the Big Easy rather than SUV country.

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar
3601 Dallas Parkway, Plano

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