Picture Show: The Big Chicken and Waffles of Dallas

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All photos by Sara Kerens
Victor Tango's Chicken and Waffles: see more in the slideshow. Mmm...
It's no dirty secret that combining two already-great foods into one juggernaut food is a staple in this country. So, what's better than to take a fried thing and drop it on top of a breakfast thing? Not much, we'd propose. So, let's embark on another photographic journey, shall we? OK! 

From Victor Tango's to Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles (it's in the name; hell yes), chicken & waffles' soulful offerings are available in many variations in Dallas. To get started, we sent photographer Sara Kerens to photographically study the difference between the two and get some rib-stickin' shots just in time for Thanksgiving. Bust out the Country Crock and napkins -- we think you'll enjoy.

Sara Kerens
At the drive-through at Big Mama's. You know what you want?
Big Mama's waffles are made-to-order.
Big Mama, you're a genius.
Big Mama's Chicken & Waffles is on 9810 Forest Ln.
Jump for more from Victor Tango's!

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