Liquered-up: Holiday Treats for the Non-Frat-House Set

Grandma always said she bought Jagermeister during the holidays for cooking, not body shots. Yeah, right.
Sigel's in Addison is putting together a line-up of liqueurs for its upcoming Holiday LiqueurFest that's rarely seen outside frat houses.

The store's serving Baileys, Kahlua, Jagermeister and three kinds of Southern Comfort at its tasting event, which will also feature dozens of flavored drinks with more savory reputations. According to a press release, "these liqueurs can brighten up a holiday in much the same way that ornaments, tinsel and lights decorate our Christmas tree."

Manager Ruben Flores says the "older crowd" that patronizes the Addison location doesn't do as much straight liqueur drinking as his customers at the chain's Greenville Avenue store did.

"At this store, we don't get a huge amount of what I call 21- to 27-year-olds," Flores says.

Still, Flores says, "you'd be surprised at who comes and gets liqueurs."

Flores is referring to home cooks, who often need Jager or SoCo for recipes. They come to Sigel's looking for little bottles, since they don't fancy themselves liqueur drinkers, which is partly why the store's pouring free samples of Grand Marnier, Tuaca and Benedictine next week.

But not every liqueur is available in recipe-ready sizes.

"I'm sure they end up drinking it too," Flores says of his cooking customers. "I don't think they'd let it go to waste."



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