5 Awesome Turkey Stuffing Ideas

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Stuffing these bad boys in a bird certainly can't make them any worse.
Looking for some fresh takes on Thanksgiving stuffing, we recently came across the concept of tamale stuffing. Basically, you crumble up a bunch of tamales, add some tomatoes, onion, garlic, cheese and seasoning, shove inside a turkey and bake. Win!!

The coolest part about this is that by making tamales into stuffing, you're taking an entree and transforming it into what counts as a side item at Thanksgiving. And that right there is fatso baller thinking. We like.

Don't like tamales, but do like the idea of getting creative with your turkey stuffing this year? Try one of our ideas to seriously wow this year's Thanksgiving crowd:

Just stuff this bad boy in there.

1) Tacos
. Stuff the bird with tacos and make your guests muy happy. Taco Bell just got super jealous that they didn't think of this first. Introducing: Taco Butt Turkey.

2) Vodka. If it works with watermelons, it must work with a turkey, right? We're sure Sandra Lee is with us on this one.

Thumbnail image for baby in turkey.jpg
This is actually a turkey costume for babies. We don't really think that Martha Stewart would stuff a turkey with a baby. Not really. We just couldn't find any cool candy/turkey photos.
3) Candy! Stuff your turkey full of Sweet Tarts and Blow Pops, hang it from a tree and go after it pinata-style. Pinata-sgiving is the coolest.

magic scarves.jpg
4) Scarves! Watching your weight? Opt out of a food-stuffing and instead, go for some spectacle. Tie a ridiculous number of scarves together, shove them in the turkey and when it's stuffing-serving time, you get to be a Thanksgiving magician!

This could get nasty.
5) McRibs. This year, ask your guests, "White meat, dark meat or McRib?" Mmmm. Pass us some more of that molded meat product!

Alternatively, you could just make the Walmarty-one-stop-Thanksgiving-shop of cakes: Chow.com's Thanksgiving Turkey Layer Cake:

Yeah, that's turkey and mashed potatoes. Anyone feeling queasy?

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