Six Fast Foods That Look Disgusting, Even In Their Professional Photos

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Happy returns, pork patty thing!
A very special time is approaching, a time of warmth and family-gathering. It will be a time of great celebration under the crisp autumn leaves: The nationwide return of the McRib on November 2nd. For the first time in 16 years, the shaped-pork patty will be available at every McDonald's store in our great land--just in time for Thanksgiving!

Besides the name, the McRib achieves something great: It looks like dog shit, even in professional photos. To celebrate the return of this great "sandwich," we've put together a list -- with photos, of course -- of the most offensive examples in this genre. After the jump, check out the foods that look like crap even after being styled and photographed.

Man, I love Elmer's atop my fried fish.

1. Filet O' Fish at McDonald's
Seriously, what living person hasn't thought that the dollop of white crud on top of this clump of fish doesn't look like a bunch of crappy glue?

Thank you Patton Oswalt for your continuing humor.

2. Famous Bowls at KFC
Tasting this travesty is one thing, but that's not what we're talking about here. Few people have characterized the look of KFC's bowl o' starch better than Patton Oswalt: "a failure pile."

Can't wait to have that sticky, gluey white "cheese."

3. DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza
A note should appear on the corner of the box in a star-sticker logo: "tastes exactly like it looks."

I'm afraid this burger is quite operational.

4. Teriyaki Burger at Carl's Jr.
In the commercials, this burger lands in a empty white prism, sloppily spilling dark Teriyaki sauce everywhere.


5. Burger King's Ribs
We've heard these aren't too shabby, actually. The photo, however, looks like baby dump on the end of reeds.

Really? Even this taco has to have a creamy center?

6. Taco Bell's Potato Taco
Like watching bad CGI in a movie, you can tell the shit is fake in this "taco." Sure, yes, it's just a harmless lump of fried potato--but it looks so wrong.

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