Results Are In for Local Carrotmob Hit

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The official numbers are in for Dallas' first-ever Carrotmob, a reverse boycott in which participants patronize a restaurant that pledges to spend a certain percentage of its one-night sales on energy efficiency upgrades.

According to organizer Tajana Mesic, more than 300 people ate at LaGrange in Deep Ellum last Wednesday. While the crowd never approached horde status, the carrot mobsters spent $3800, or about four times the restaurant's typical weeknight take.

LaGrange is now obliged to funnel $3097 into green improvements.

"We will monitor (them) in the next month," Mesic writes.

Mesic reports she was pleased by the turnout, but disappointed by local media coverage.

"They stayed for a little while, so they didn't get to see the entire show," Mesic writes of the reporters who showed up. "This is Dallas."

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