Local Artist Creates Stir With Wooden Utensils

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Dallas woodworker Sean Springer's trunk show at We Are 1976 this week includes tables, bookcases and chairs, none of which appear to be especially good to eat.

Hanna Raskin
But Springer, a Rhode Island School of Design grad, has entered the edible realm with a line of chopsticks, spoons and coffee stirrers he swears can gently alter a beverage's taste.

Inspired by his father, who shuns plastic and metal coffee stirrers, Springer crafted the utensils from downed trees he reclaimed in Oak Cliff after last winter's snowstorm. While the wood has been treated, Springer says the stirrers still ooze trace amounts of oil.

"It gives coffee an interesting flavor," he says.

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We Are 1976

1902 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

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