Six Things You Could Do With The World's Most Disturbing Halloween Candy
Besides Eat It

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Via Geekologie
Kinda looks like Willy Wonka's colon
Not sure if it's the photo, or the report through Vat 19 (the company that created this Frankenstein) that the worm has a "five-inch girth," but this "World's Largest Gummy Worm" is the most startling, dildo-esque Halloween candy ever.

Vat 19 is also reporting the calorie-count, which at 4,000 is a baffling up-front admission. Note to Vat 19: not sure it's helping matters that you describe the body as "ribbed." Due to the disturbing nature, and because you could eat it and get 200 percent of your daily calories, we thought we'd provide a list illuminating a few options for the gummy worm -- besides eating it.

worms in dirt.jpg
Note: the bowl is four feet in diameter

1. "Worms in the Dirt" for a Giant
Will your Halloween party consist of several over-20-foot individuals? Here's your snack! Also, it's good for use if Dirk Nowitzki's coming to your party.


2. House party toilet prank.
Make everyone want to know what clown dropped 3 pounds in the shitter.

Via Vat 19
We recommend Lemon-Rasberry for maximum entrails effect

3. A new haunted house scene: Willy Wonka's autopsy.
Forget the ridiculous bowl of wet "eyeballs," go for a stage prop: giant gummy worm is Willy Wonka's colon strewn on the floor! For extra Halloween scare-age, add tomato sauce for gore.

The most disturbing things ever, combined!

4. Requiem for a Dream costume prop
You know, if you're the sort who saw that thing and immediately thought "Oh, damn. That's totally like 'ass to ass.'" And if you haven't seen the movie, consider yourself warned.


5. Lady Gaga Microphone
She hasn't used it yet, but it's clearly just a matter of time. Be the first to do it!

Run, Kevin Bacon!

6. Tremors costume prop
You're Kevin Bacon and it's chasing you.

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