Five Horrible Novelty Burger Trends

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Via Eater
We'd like to six-shoot that Nacho Whopper outta here.
Dear Burger King, we'd like to request to live outside test markets. The fast food chain currently is testing its "Nacho Whopper" (comes in a double) in the Netherlands, and we couldn't be happier. Keep that nacho thing away from us. You could probably guess what's on it: chips, jalapenos, and a "Mexican sauce."  Maybe you're thinking they've certainly done worse (never mind the chicken fries).

Whether the attitude is "let's make a good thing better," or attempting some sort of bastardized food innovation, there is a whole boatload of disgusting novelty burger trends. Thanks to fast food (and Adam Richman perhaps), popular burger chains are going way beyond bacon and cheese. Below, find those the burger trends that need to disappear for good.
Phoenix New Times
"The Quadruple Bypass"

1. Anything More Than Two Patties
Why are you ordering a triple, quad-pattie? It doesn't enhance taste or bring a new flavor that was previously hidden under a mere two patties of meat. Size matters with a burger, but when was the last time you finished a double and felt great about yourself?

Serious Eats
Yep, that's grilled cheese as burger buns

2. Grilled Cheese as Buns
There have been multiple sightings, and the mainstream world was introduced to the concept through Friendly's. We're going to call this the Star Wars Prequel Effect: Just because the idea sounds great, doesn't mean it won't be the worst thing you've ever experienced. What's that phrase that starts out with "too much of a good thing"?

Man vs. Food
Adam ate the "Four Horsemen" in HoustonSan Antonio with ghost chilis

3. Ghost Chilis or Anything Too Hot For Humans To Consume
If you're trying to prove something when you eat a burger, than you've already missed the point.

The "Snack Wrap"

4. Burger as Anything Other Than a Burger
I'm talking to you McDonald's and Burger King. Instead of a "burger wrap" or a "burger pizza," wouldn't it be better business to sink money into a burger that didn't need ketchup and mustard? Oh wait, they did -- it's called the "M" Burger.

Carl's Jr Teriyaki Burger (that's what is oozing out)

5. Barbecue or Teriyaki Burgers
If you have to hose your burger with liquid salt or some low-grade A1 substitute, than it's a safe bet your burger sucks before it hits the table.

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