Photos: The Epic Burgers of Dallas

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Sara Kerens
Our Best of Dallas 2010 Hamburger: The Angry Dog
There really is no shortage of incredible burgers in this town. We gave Angry Dog our Best Of Dallas nod for their always juicy, shredded cheese-topped hamburger--knowing full well the worthy contestants in the mix. Let's just say, it was a difficult decision. With Wingfield's, Plano's Holy Grail, The Grape and Twisted Root in the mix, how can you pin-point one burger as the favorite? Damn hard. In this fashion, we present photos of some of these burgers that knocked our socks clean off our feet. Make the jump for more photos, and check out Sara Kerens' full slideshow on the matter of meat.

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Sara Kerens
The burger at Lee Harvey's

Sara Kerens
Maple and Motor's completely irrestible cheeseburger

The Stodg Burger at The Porch with aged cheddar, a fried egg and foie gras buttered bun

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Twisted Root Burger Co.

2615 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

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Kent Rathbun's Blue Plate in Preston Center, makes a fabulous wood-grilled burger, delicious fresh, hand cut fries.


Smoke has an amazing burger, well seasoned,great bun, fresh hand cut fries.  Only burger I know of that is as good as Neighborhood Services in Preston Royal.

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