Photos: The Fried Food Finalists Coming to The State Fair

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Sara Kerens
Fried Chocolate with Chocolate Whipped Cream
It's salty. It's alcoholic. That's right, it's, now famous, FRIED BEER!

You knew you were ready for it. Though it didn't win "Best Taste" at the Big Tex Choice Awards (Fried Frito Pie did...mmm...fried chili), it took home the "Most Creative" fried fair. The good thing: the fried delicacies of the Big Tex Choice Awards, including Fried Chocolate and Fried Margaritas, are not a fleeting thing. They'll all be at the State Fair come this fall.

So in celebration of our love of friedness--we created a slideshow to preview the upcoming crusty goods. Jump over to slideshows to check out Sara Kerens delicious photos of Fried Beer and Fried Pop Tarts and such. Also, after the jump, we have some teasers for those who just can't wait.

Sara Kerens
"Best Taste" winner Fried Frito Pie

Sara Kerens
Fried Margarita

Sara Kerens
Fried Beer

Sara Kerens
Texas Fried Caviar

Sara Kerens
Specially fried Strawberry Pop Tart, rolled in Fruity Pebbles

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State Fair of Texas

3921 Martin Luther King Jr Bl, Dallas, TX

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