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Self-portrait by Eugène Delacroix, who apparently came back from the dead to enter and win a beer-naming contest.
Thanks to all the commenters for the fun beer ideas from yesterday's Libertine Oktoberfest Beer Dinner contest. Some sounded tasty, some sounded disgusting and some had us laughing out loud.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Kris had a very tasty idea with the "Trick or Treater -- An ale that uses chocolate malt, Belgian candi sugar, and nut flavors (either from nuts or grains) to make it taste like a Snickers bar."

Beer Bitch had another great idea with "Pilgrim Ale: Caramelized butternut squash and brown sugar ale. Should result in an amber color with a rich, frothy head. A good 8-9% ABV would be optimal."

L. Miller got us rolling with some political humor, suggesting "The County Commissioner: A very predictable brown ale. Please turn the taps around toward the customer, as this brew is totally self-serving."

But with a witty name and a beer recipe that actually sounds really good, Eugène Delacroix appealed to our love of Breaking Bad with "Crystal Mette: Crystal malt, Williamette hops. Should impart a caramel taste and earthy aroma that would add complexity to Autumn table-fare. Plus, it's addicting."

Congratulations, and thanks to the Libertine.

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