Where Do NYT Critics Eat in Dallas? (As If You Care.)

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A New York Times theater writer, in town to chronicle the Dallas Theater Center's revival of Superman, apparently found plenty of time to nosh between performances.

According to George Gene Gustine's blog post today on Dallas dining, the city's standout eateries are Hattie's, Sonny Bryan's, Mia's and -- until its recent demise -- Dali Wine Bar. (Which raises an interesting question: Are restaurants with possessive names reliably more delicious?)

Gustine played at straight at Mia's, indulging in the terrific brisket tacos, but strayed slightly further afield at Sonny Bryan's, where he ordered "a blissfully good sloppy joe." At Hattie's, Gustine thrilled to "expertly made" cocktails and a special of chicken and waffles.

Gustine reports the dish "looked unbelievably decadent and quickly disappeared off the plate.

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Mia's Tex-Mex

4322 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX

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