When Good Donuts Go Nuts at Hypnotic

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Nick Rallo
Left: Jalapeno Donut with Tabasco and Frosting; Right: Donut Topped with Queso
At Hypnotic Donuts early Sunday morning, creator James St. Peter had a big tease: next week he will debut the "no-more than 2,500 calorie" biscuit sandwich. What makes up the 2,500 calories? Fried chicken, honey bacon and a honey pickle.

Besides it being the caloric equivalent of Sarlacc, the sandwich ain't all that wild. Actually, it kinda sounds amazing. The weird-and-wild stuff that's made Hypnotic Donut's reputation,  is in the doughnuts, which really are a little nuts. Aside from the queso drenched doughnut and doughnut with fresh jalapeno with Tabasco and maple frosting that I tried -- the latter being astonishingly tasty -- here are a few mad-hatter concoctions on the menu:

Crunk -- sprinkles of silver and half of a 100 grand mini candy bar in the hole
Chasing the Dragon -- fresh "habaneras"
Fire -- Red hots and red cinnamon
Heath over Ledger -- crushed up Heath bar with light caramel drizzle
Special 1 -- Glazed doughnut, Junior Mints, dipped in chocolate, chilled to 40 degrees

Fresh Habaneros. On a donut.
St. Peter was working hard wheelin' and dealin' donuts so the customers got one important thing from his tiny operation: a doughnut that makes a trip to his shop worthwhile. And St. Peter was working it -- giving free 'nuts out to those who waited too long, adding an extra flood of sprinkles so they got their money's worth, subbing chocolate with vanilla frosting. The options are endless with St. Peter's business strategy ,and it shows in his wacky, truly addicting donuts. You just have to get there early.

See more of Hypnotic's donuts after the jump.

Nick Rallo
"Canadian Health Care": Maple Bacon on Maple Frosting

The jalapeno and the habanero, side-by-side
Included: Hypnotic Donut with prezel, crushed Cap'n Crunch, Peanut Butter Chocolate / Caramel Frosting
Bottom Center: "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" with Lemon Frosting and Lemon Heads
Bottom right: "Poppin Berries": Strawberry Frosting, Strawberry Pop Tarts and Strawberry Drizzle

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