Guess Where I'm Eating: A Bearish One

Only one picture this time,but we think the clue will let you figure it out.
It's 2 am, and for the past few hours I've been cavorting with a plethora of men who are not my type (or rather, vice versa). My girlfriend in crime is in need of some greasiness to soak up the alcohol from all the revelry. She suggests a nearby, walking distance restaurant. Their food quality is inconsistent, yet quite pricey because of the neighborhood. However, she insists that their spicy Green Bean Chicken is the best thing after a night of Jell-O-shot abuse. (Yes, she bought us Jell-O shots...and I'm 30.) So, where am I getting my late night eating on?

Location Info

Panda's Restaurant & Bar

3917 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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