10 Mind-Bending Foods Inception Fans Love

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You get up in the morning and immediately beat The New York Times' crossword. You watch an episode of House and drive to work. Excel spreadsheets hold you over for a couple of hours, building the perfect model, but you crave more puzzles. You, mind-bending-puzzle-lover, demand that even your foods are mysterious and maze-like. You love foods with a catch, a twist or a surprise center. Inception has satisfied your intellectual itch, but you want more. So, here are some ideas for foods to become part of your life to satisfy those puzzle cravings.

Warning: we are attempting inception with this blog post.

That cinnamon roll looks awfully like...a MAZE.
1. Cinnamon Rolls - Row by row, you wheel the bread around to reveal the perfect ending!--a icing doused cinnamon bread center.

An homage to classic noir meals from the French New Meal Wave.
2. Turducken - You will be debating the origins of this theatrical, multiple source feature for hours after its end.

A candy "whodunnit."
3. Mystery Flavor Airhead - One of the Great Challenges of the 21st Century, the Airhead developed a mysterious albino strip of waxy, tarty, strange berried taffy. But what is the flavor? Who made it?

Robert Towne wrote the screenplay for this sandwich.
4. Pinwheel Sandwiches - The twists and turns! One minute it's ham, next thing you know it's salami. By the time you get to the climax, you experience a rush of mayonnaise and mustard -- and then you're tired and full.

What is this? ANOTHER LAYER?

5. Trident Layers Gum - Inception Fan, this is the gum you chew on a daily basis. It provides you the fast, puzzle fix: a new flavor tucked in the middle of your chewing experience.

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