100 Favorite Dishes: Basil Chicken at Genroku

As a countdown to the Dallas Observer's "Best of Dallas" 2010, City of Ate is serving up 100 of the favorite dishes we crave, savor and hope to scarf down again soon. These dishes are in no particular order. Some are little known, others celebrated. Some are pricey, others can be eaten on the cheap, but all are delicious to the extreme. Don't hesitate to share your own nominations in the comments. More of the dish's tasty details are after the jump.

No. 60: Basil Chicken at Genroku
When one thinks of sweet and sour chicken, invariably what comes to mind is that fried mess of chicken bits drowning in a sauce spilled from metal drums marked radioactive that could turn unsuspecting townsfolk into the living dead. Thankfully, the basil chicken at Genroku Sushi & Grill doesn't resemble that abomination.

Neither is it fried nor accompanied by slop. The basil chicken, modeled after three-cup chicken, one of Taiwan's national dishes, is a delight whose flavors come in succession then simultaneously. Served in the wok it was cooked in, the basil chicken offered a little of everything -- there is crunchy basil, hints of sweetness after the forward savory from the piquant ginger and pronounced star anise flavors, tender bone-in poultry, all bound by glazed mixture of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil

The restaurant in the China Town DFW strip mall is one of what seems an endless line of Asian victual purveyors. Genroku, like other establishments, also trades in fine examples of sushi (when fresh, the yellowtail nigiri is particularly tasty) -- as if the name hadn't tipped you off -- but the basil chicken is tops.

Genroku Sushi & Grill
400 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson

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No. 61 Asado De Puerco Rojo At Chitos

Location Info

Genroku Sushi & Grill

400 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX

Category: Restaurant

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