Get Happy! And App-y

To get the Happy Hours App, click here or search Happy Hours in the iPhone App Store.
In this week's cover story, Jesse Hughey and the editorial monks working in the stoney basements of the Dallas Observer have cataloged 50 bars and clubs happy hour specials.

The really, really awesome ones.

But wait! Yes, of course, there are more than 50. We got a thing for that too. You may remember back in March we told you about the powers of our Go Time and Village Voice Media powered Happy Hours iPhone app, but if you don't mind looking up from your Fruit Ninjas game, we'd like to name-drop an addition.

We've got a full page up for ya, now complete with Editor's Picks, showcasing all the bars' and clubs' happy hours across this fine city of ours. Take a fine look. We hope that this tool will assist in the great journey to find good beer and food.

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