Avner Samuel Won't Hint at How He's Changing Aurora. We're Thinking Spicy Buffalo Wings.

Something new's in store for the highly decorated Aurora, but chef Avner Samuel is refusing to reveal what the changes entail.

"We will announce something next week," Samuel says when asked for specifics.

Samuel confirmed he's in the midst of lease negotiations, but wouldn't say whether he's planning to relocate the uptown restaurant, which has been wowing diners since it opened in 2003.

Speculation has focused on the French restaurant's price point, which has remained largely in line with fine-dining standards while other upscale eateries have modified their menus to reflect recession-era economics. Aurora did introduce an $18.95 three-course lunch in 2008, but dinner entrees still start at $35.

But if Samuel's scheming to slash prices and put a casual bistro spin on Aurora, he's not telling.

"Just give us a week and then we'll talk to all you guys," Samuel said. "Right now, we're not planning to do nothing."

Location Info

Nosh Euro Bistro

4216 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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