10 Food Trends Making Shame Spirals Worse

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Grilled Cheese, is no longer just cheese.
Maybe we can all come together and agree on something: The foods in this list were already delicious, horrifyingly so, but have recently become gourmet'd to some DEFCON- one level of decadence. You can rarely order a simple cheddar-based grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese dish anymore -- now they have lobster, blue cheese or brisket or bacon smoking in there. That's when you feel worse. Certainly there are more such dishes, which we ask you add in the comments and share your guilt with the world. It's OK. We've been there.
Grilled Brie with Bacon on Food Network
1. Grilled Cheese with Bacon -- You can see the shame coming a mile away when you bite and pull, and that classic sheet of Monterey Jack and cheddar comes with you...but oh look...there's bacon in there too now.
Holy Grail Monte Cristo-thumb-500x380.jpg
Monte Cristo at Holy Grail

2. Monte Cristo -- This is a deep-fried ham sandwich, covered in powdered sugar without any modifications. Any additions are custom-designed to give you a Scarlet Letter.


3. Stuffed French Toast -- It's hard to feel good after eating a food item that's been sandwiched with another food item, and then filled to capacity with icing, peanut butter or cream cheese.

Recipe 6 - finished dish mac-cheese-thumb-300x225.jpg
Chips were broken into this Mac N Cheese...My God...

4. Macaroni and Cheese With Lobster, etc. -- Whatever brilliant asshole decided to add lobster, or blue cheese or anything bacon-related and started a fad should be ashamed (and then applauded for it's creamy excellence).


5. Stuffed Pizza -- Thanks, Chicago.

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