The Whizard: Sarah "Cheese Lady" Kaufmann Makes Rockwall out of Cheddar

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Caity Colvard
Rockwall En Cheddar
Nationally recognized cheese sculptor Sarah Kaufmann, fondly recognized as "The Cheese Lady" was dressed in her ironic moo-moo for a cheddar carving in Rockwall Saturday at a local Tom Thumb. The Rockwall Yellow Jackets High School logo was constructed out of a 150 pound cheddar wheel giant. As an added bonus, she sculpted the Texas Rangers logo out of the same cheese monster. The event was partnered with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, so any attendees would have a chance to peruse over 600 varieties of Wisconsin cheese while Kaufmann sculpted.

This is only the tip of the cheese-burg for Kaufmann. She's mastered busts of the most remarkable quality, including Bret Favre, Mario Andretti and a 120 pound Mickey Mouse. More cheese puns are ready, if you want them.

See more photos of the Cheese Lady carving Texas Rangers out of cheddar after the jump.
IMG_9973 copy.jpg
Caity Colvard
Cheese Hat, take that Green Bay.

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Caity Colvard
The Texas Rangers Get Cheesed

IMG_9994 copy.jpg
Caity Colvard
Cuttin' the cheese. There, we said it.

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