Five Not-So Secret Things You Need To Order When In-N-Out Comes To Town

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A (secret) 3x3
In some sort of reverse Manifest Destiny, In-N-Out is finally making its way to Texas. The City of Garland's website, and Nancy Nichols at D who broke the story, showed seven yea votes for the building of the west coast burger chain. 

There's a lot of hype about In 'N Out that's true. It's a simple, cheap menu with freshly made food (they cut those fries as you order 'em, I've SEEN it.) The best reason to go, however, is that--hush, hush--secret menu. On In-N-Out's website, you can view the "Not So Secret" menu that you won't see posted at the drive-in, but from which you can order nevertheless, once you get there.  So for those 2 a.m. screw Taco Bell moments you'll have once that glorious In 'N Out shoots up over in Garland, here's a list of the things you MUST try from their off-the-menu secret menu.

1. Animal-Style Fries - The non-menu fry order: melted cheese, secret sauce and carmelized onions on top of the crispy fries. Bring a fork and a arterial stint.

From Wikipedia

2. Double-Double Protein style - Screw the bun. Wrap that double-double in lettuce (cut about 400 calories too) and get all meat and cheese taste. Burger purists may cringe, but it's shocking I say, shocking how much better the burger tastes sans bun.

3. 4x4 - Like the way the double-double tastes? Well, why not double it again. That's right, four patties, four slices of cheese.

Recent policy indicates the maximum burger-to-cheese order is 4x4.

4. Grilled Cheese - They take that American cheese and throw it between bread...well, you know what it is.

5. Fries "Extra-Well" - You know those Extra Crispies at Long John Silvers? This is kind of like that except with fries, and you know, good.

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