Esquire Says: Hey These Dallas Bars Are Some of The Best

A few weeks ago, when Conan O'Brien rolled through town, he said to the packed crowd: "You people know how to drink." Turns out, as Robert Wilonsky reported over on Unfair Park, Esquire is thinking the same thing.

Well, at least they liked some of our bars. Featured in the June/July big honking issue is this summer's fifth annual Best Bars in America, where Esquire listed Bar Belmont (with its killer skyline view) and the Balcony Club at Lakewood as two of the best of the best.

Good news, and with the New York Times recently sporting Deep Ellum's living-breathing qualities, we may have to don cowboy boots again to impress tourists in search of authentic Dallas.

Location Info


Balcony Club

1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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