At Fish City Grill's Oyster Contest, A Slippery Road to Victory

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Patrick Michels
Glazer's teammates cheer on one of their own during the Saturday contest.
One of the culinary world's most delicate, subtle foods got the Kobayashi treatment at Fish City Grill over the weekend, when their Oyster Fest included a two-minute eating contest for a free trip to New Orleans.

We caught the Saturday heat at the local chain's Henderson Avenue outpost, where four teams of four hoped to seal an early win. The White Rock Lake Foundation's team put up a strong 65-oyster showing, capped by a Ruthian performance from their anchor-eater David Moore--but a consistently quick pace from the Preston Royal Oyster Pigs gave made them the day's winners with 72 oysters.

The celebration didn't last too long for Phil Scott, Nathan Lavine, Bernie Hauder and Becky Eldredge, though. A team of seasoned pros from Fish City's sister restaurant Half Shells hung back for the contest's Sunday round in Plano, leading a six-team field and winning the vacation with 95 oysters.

Consider the oyster contest a little further: check out our slideshow here.

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