Top 25 Drink-Related Quotes Of The Decade

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Patrick Michels
As a bouncer at Sambuca 360, Todd Wright's heard more than a few lines from people trying to sweet-talk their way inside.
One evening about six years ago, as I stood at The Republic's bar ordering bourbon, I caught a glimpse of a woman's face scrunching in disgust. So I turned to her and asked "what--you don't like bourbon?"

"Bourbon smells like old lawyers," she said, shaking her head vigorously.

Great comment--so great, in fact, it would have made this list...if I could have been troubled to hunt down where and when I jotted it down.

No matter--the wisdom one gains from barroom conversations stays with us and shapes our lives. So we've assembled 25 non-bourbon soaked lawyer related quotes, thoughts from bartenders and fellow drunks explaining (amongst other things) the sexiest thing a woman can do in a bar, why neurosurgeons are undereducated and the two things that cause men to spend more money...

25 Ben Dai
"Kissing and everything is fine, but that dry humping thing..."

Dai owned Spike, a briefly popular Mockingbird Station lounge. This comment came after he removed a couch from the space because couples found it comfortable for public display.

24 Eric Hanson
"I don't know of any reason for the martini glass, unless it's easier to dig out the olives."

Once upon a time there was an over-the-top palace with six-figure lampshades and $5,000 leather outfits for the waitresses. It was called Voltaire and Hanson worked the bar.

23 Jill, drinking at The Quarter
"Once a woman hits 30, she has a vibrator. She doesn't need to get laid."

This was in response to the all-important 'which bars are best if you're looking to get laid' question.

22 Jimmy Hall
"I like sherry, but I'm not gonna sit and drink it with the guys."

Hall was a bartender at Martini Ranch. We were pursuing the topic of drinks and gender.

Smoke_ChrisZielkeTim ByresChristopherandJessicaJeffers.jpg
Danny Fulgencio
At far left, Chris Zielke at Smoke's grand opening, joined by Tim Byres and Christopher and Jessica Jeffers
21 Chris Zielke
"The reason why an alcohol is associated with a particular country or region is because the people of those countries used local resources and perfected a process over hundreds of years. But at the same time, it's absolutely possible to make whiskey in Japan."
Now part owner of Bolsa and Smoke, Zielke at the time of this quote worked as a bartender at Nikita. We just like the way he spoke so lovingly of tradition--and then said 'fuck tradition.'

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