Top 10 Truly Frightening Cocktails

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Drinks at the Windmill Lounge - 050.jpg
Photos by Danny Fulgencio
Pouring number five, harsh and overbearing with supposed Scottish influences.
We were inspired a year ago by the promotion of a holiday drink called the Nog-a-sake--an eggnog and sake creation playing on the bombing of Nagasaki--to come up with other inappropriate cocktails.

With Halloween just a few days away, it seemed appropriate to dust off these dreaded drinks, these goblets of ghastliness these...oh, forget it.

If, for the December celebrations, patrons at a local restaurant could toast incinerated bodies and other fun Atomic age memories, then what's to stop a Halloween nod to Union Carbide, Idi Amin or others worse? Hell, in real life people knock back Irish Car Bombs, a little tribute to "the troubles."

To test out our list, we visited the Windmill Lounge, pulling the old "can you mix these together, we want to see what it tastes like" trick. No way were we going to tell owner/bartender Louise Owens she was really making a Chernobylini. In the end, we tossed out some pretty frightening cocktails--the Contra Libre, for example, and the Lee Harvey Wallbanger.

But we settled on ten horrific drinks.

10. Osama bin Lager
Essentially this is a non-alcoholic beer followed by a B-52 chaser. No need to be literal on the lager part, as any alcohol-free brew will do. Just sip the beer, down the flaming shot and repeat until...well, the party never seems to end, does it? You will need non-alcoholic beer, Kahlua, Bailey's, Grand Marnier and some matches.

The Osama bin Lager, flanked by its chaser.

9. Caiczynski
An alcoholic ode to the once-feared Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski--and one so simple, you can practically mail it in. Just prepare a caipirinha without ice, float some 151 on top and flame the sucker. Of course, we had a time getting it right--but it also works if you light a separate shot of rum and pour it on top. You will need 151, cachaca, sugar, limes.

8. Cosmopolpotitatan
For some reason, the name Pol Pot made us think of rouge--a drink red in color, but strong enough to knock you right back to year zero...and stifle any dissent in the process. Make a regular cosmo (you can dress it up with jungle fruit for greater authenticity) then force your guests to drink. You will need vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lemons or limes.

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