Top 10 Most Interesting Restaurant Week Dishes

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Patrick Michels
Estavan Galindo of Hattie's prepares for the Restaurant Week onslaught.
Several days into the annual charity event and we've finally had a chance to poke through some menus.

Now, we weren't looking for the best item or the most original. What we want from KRLD Restaurant Week--aside from a cheap three or four course dinner--is something that jumps from the list and causes one of those "that's interesting, I'll have to try it" reactions.

With more than 100 kitchens participating, there were plenty of candidates. We considered the confit pork belly at Abacus, an entree of Kobe meatloaf prepared by Roy's or even Tramontana's grilled pear salad. Eventually, however, we decided on the following:

10. Turtle soup (Randy's Steakhouse)
It's just a dish you don't see very often, especially in the rarified steak palace world. Of course, Randy's is in Frisco and can slum it a bit. For this year's Restaurant Week menu, they follow a New Orleans recipe, so expect some Cajun or Creole seasoning.

9. Ginger snap cookie sandwiches with cardamom-almond ice cream (Fuse)
Desserts are part of the week's flair, right? Stephan Pyles is whipping up a goat cheesecake with cherries jubilee, but this spicy ice cream sandwich seems more intriguing. Bold, cleansing and mellow flavors in one fattening bite--love it.
Patrick Michels

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