Going Green With Dallas's Top Chefs At the 18th Annual Caesar Salad Competition

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Photos by Patrick Michels
There's a salad around there somewhere, trust us.
Chefs from 10 of the top kitchens in Dallas vied for top honors in the Sunday night's Caesar salad competition, vying for diners' votes with salads dressed up with merguez sausage, scallop ceviche or brisket tacos, or restyled as carrot-wrapped salad sticks, romaine gazpacho topped with Caesar sorbet, or stuffed inside Bugles-shaped parmesan crisps.

The showroom full of fabulous merchandise up for auction included... a new car!
By the time the silent auction closed, the cooks' "tossed salad" jokes wore out, and the diners' votes were tallied, it was JW Foster, from Pyramid at the Fairmont Hotel, who claimed the night's top honors. His salad, accompanied by a miniature brisket taco, won over the crowd with its vegetables picked from the Fairmont's rooftop garden.

Daniel Nemec at Kirby's Steakhouse took second place, and Eric Dreyer at Fearing's finished third, as Teresa Gubbins writes in her recap of the competition. (For another look at the scene, check out Nathan Hunsinger's Morning News video from the dinner.)

After the jump, though, we hand out our own awards to each of the night's entries--which is an awful lot like being right there in the Sheraton ballroom, only without tasting the salads, schmoozing your table-mates or drunkenly bidding on the custom Toyota Venza parked in the foyer.

Meatiest Salad
Eric Brandt
Rosewood Mansion At Turtle Creek

The Mansion's offering is how you make a meal out of salad-tasting night: big chunks of house-made merguez--"lots of garlic, lots of oregano," Brandt says--topped with a cilantro-lime relish. On the Dude Food scale, we'd peg this salad beyond "Brutus," closer to "That tall guy it the Romans needed 15 arrows to take out at the end of Gladiator."

Salad? What salad?

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