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Of course, nobody really wins on City of Ate. But if we ever do try prize giveaways again, there's a mess of stuff to pick from. Let's see here...a miniature bottle of Tuaca, a big ol' container of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blend, a packet of seeds and oats that may be cereal sent by the folks at Craft--and plenty more.

Picking non-prizewinners this week proved rather difficult, as there were a number of long, well-reasoned, informational postings. So we chose to non-reward some short, easy to read snippets:

luniz decided to push some buttons in response to the burger battle (when I ate part of a box for comparison purposes): "I heard Costco's cardboard was to die for."

Our Top 10 sexiest female chefs drew some lukewarm responses, such as (from Bruce) "Well now I certainly know why the idea for a Playboy 'Girls From a Hot Kitchen' issue died on the vine" and (from JD Whitaker) " least they can cook."

But top snippet spot goes to Worzel Gummidge, for this in response to news that David Uygur is searching for a location to put his new restaurant: "Has he considered opening his own place at 2917 Fairmount? I hear it is becoming vacant soon."

Of course, 2917 Fairmount is the location of Lola, Uygur's current (and soon to close) space.

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