Top 10 Vegan-Friendly (But Not Vegetarian-Only) Restaurants in Dallas

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Alexa Schirtzinger
Hey Olivella's -- think this is good enough to land you on our list? Yeah, it is.

Dallas, as we've discovered over the past half-year, has a surprising wealth of options for vegans and vegetarians. And though its shining stars are usually the veg-only places--Spiral Diner, Kalachandji's, Veggie Garden and the like--that doesn't always leave room for vegans to bring along our good ol' meat-eating friends.

With that in mind, we've produced this list of places where the most red-blooded of meat eaters can enjoy meals alongside their vegetarian or vegan friends, where omnivores don't have to eat tofu and vegans can order something other than fries and a salad. Herewith, the top options--be they highbrow or lowbrow, costly or cheap--with something truly pleasing for everyone:

The Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

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yep me too .....why cant i get the list to pull up ??


What happened to the list? The link seems to be non-functional now.


I love, love, love Food from Galilee. I even liked it back when it was called Barry's and had the grumpy cashier who later found religion and turned nice and would wish you a "blessed day" as she rang up your bill. Their falafel is my all-time favorite, and Knottybaby adores their hummus and their baba ghanoush.

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