Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of A Good Wine Buzz

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To paraphrase Patrick Henry, "if this be intoxication, make the most of it."

If the thought of another 4th of July spent dodging toddlers brandishing sparklers like Jack Sparrow's sword leaves you craving something red, white and intoxicating, maybe a more grown-up celebration is in order this year.

You need $50, but it will buy your ticket to freedom at the Annual 4th of July Grapevine Wine Trail this weekend.

Yes, freedom comes at a hefty price. But it includes a hell of a lot of vino, at least. You get three tastings at each of eight wineries, to be exact, and an extra bottle of wine to boot. You'll also get fed at every stop on the self-guided tour, and there will be plenty of live music to keep you entertained...fifes, drums--that sort of thing, maybe.

Choose from Saturday or Sunday--or both, if you have multiple annoying gatherings to avoid. And if you go on the 4th, why not stick around and watch the fireworks over Lake Grapevine afterwards? Sure, there's gonna be kids there, but after all that wine, you might just find them amusing. For info and tickets visit

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