He Said, She Said, They Said

Categories: Chewing the Fat
Today we received a note from the fine folks at Gardere, a highly respected Dallas law firm. Seems one of their clients, Donica Jimenez (founder and owner of Cafe Madrid restaurants), was upset that other publications listed Ildefonso Jimenez (of Si Tapas Restaurant) as a founder of Cafe Madrid.

The letter says "in the event the Dallas Observer writes a similar article, please note that Donica Jimenez founded Cafe Madrid in October 1989 and has been the restaurant owner since that time." Ildefonso Jimenez, according to the document, merely served as the general manager from March, 1990, to August, 1997.

At which point Donica and Ildefonso were divorced, according to the lawyer. Think it was an amicable settlement?

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