Sloppy Seconds: Twists, Turns and the Dining Double-Cross

Categories: Sloppy Seconds
This week's round of local food news proves it: appearances can be deceiving. A fine Japanese spot can be hidden deep in a mess of chain sprawl, a food-lover who relishes subtlety can prove to be a karaoke superstar by night, and an initially disappointing pizza can prove, on a second try, to be just fine -- if you can get over its lack of meat.

The Week in Review(s):
  • Your own Dallas Observer: Dave travels deep into the Siberian-scale dining desolation of chain-land northwest Dallas, and catches a surprisingly solid seafood option in Nori Sushi Bar and Grill.
  • Dallas Morning News: Leslie Brenner visits Central 214, and finds that dressing a restaurant up in a three-digit number isn't enough to make it in Dallas these days. A disappointing bout with Roaster's rounds out her week.

Highlights from City of Ate:

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