Nicola's: As Classy As All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Can Be

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Though the idea sounds like it's lifted straight from The Olive Garden, chances are the endless tableside hand-made pastas offered at Nicola's Ristorante Italiano for "Pasta Amore" are a little more palatable than those of the chain pseudo-Italian restaurant. And at $19.95 a head, it had better be.

It takes, what--50 cents of material to make a bowl of pasta?

The two-course meal starts with Caesar salad or an antipasto of prosciutto, cheese, fruit and roasted vegetables. Pasta offerings include Orecchiette alla Checca ("Little ears" pasta), Fusilli Spaccati alla Luciana ("Leaf-shaped" pasta) and Rigatoni con Melanzane (tube pasta) and more.

"Pasta Amore" is available Sundays through Thursdays. Sounds like it might be worth heading to the Shops At Legacy next time you need to carb up.

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