Love Sevy's Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake? Or Just Love Cake?

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Getting some free cake is a lot easier today during lunch at Sevy's.
I love you like a fat kid loves cake. -50 Cent, "21 Questions"

As wise a philosopher as Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson may be, it's not just fat kids who love cake. As anyone who's ever worked in an office can tell you, love of cake--particularly free birthday cake--knows no socioeconomic, racial, gender or belt-size boundaries.

If it's been too long since someone you love has celebrated a birthday, you can get your free-cake fix today at Sevy's Grill (8201 Preston Road #100) during lunch as the restaurant celebrates the start of its 13th year. On the other hand, if cake's not your thing, you can wait till dinner, when the eatery offers complimentary crispy calamari with tomato basil crostini.

Take mom. You can always just tell her the free cake is her present.

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