Football Follies

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Patrick Michels
Hey, when a guy that big starts to lecture, I listen. Hearing about my most recent mistake at Dallas Diesel practice on Wednesday.
There are several reasons why 47 year-old food writers should never line up against a bunch of former college athletes at the start of another minor league football season. To begin with, there's the left medial collateral ligament, that thing called the adductor magnus, a bone on bone sensation where almost certainly cartilage used to be...

But it may all be worth it when the Dallas Diesel take the field on Saturday evening (May 23) against the Port City Jaguars. The Diesel claimed national champion honors a couple years back and have been on the scene for over a decade. Not bad for the cash strapped minor leagues of American football.

Clark High School stadium, Plano, 7 p.m. on Saturday.

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