Five Sixty Offers Five- And Seven-Course Tastings

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Sara Kerens
The view from under Dallas' one big ball. No "fromunda cheese" jokes, please.
Wolfgang Puck's numerically named fine dining phallus, Five Sixty , is now offering five- and seven-course tasting menus to showcase the Asian-influenced fare that just might rescue Reunion Tower.

The five-course meal features family-style dim sum, calamari salad, king salmon, Kobe beef short ribs and dessert. It's $68 per person with optional wine pairings available for another $28 apiece.

The seven-course grand tasting includes tuna tartare, suckling pig, lobster, lamb chops and more--my God--at $97 a head, with wine pairings adding another $40. Got those numbers added up or do you need an abacus? No, not that Abacus ... wrong celebrity chef.

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