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When we think of hunting and gathering, we rarely think of cupcakes. Although we've evolved past literally chasing our food, we still get a kick out of chasing leads that take us to it. So, when we heard about The Perfect Slice, a roving cupcake vendor, it piqued our sweet tooth and our sense of adventure.

The Perfect Slice shows up in various local restaurants--a wide range of venues, from Kirby's Steakhouse to Holy Ravioli. They claim chocolate sprinkles imported from the Netherlands, although we're not certain how important tiny bits Holland are, in the scheme of things. The organic, locally-grown ingredients, however...The best thing: with no store, there's not much time on the counter. And they bake some interesting cupcakes: "birthday cake," "Far East" (think ginger and lemon), "'sup, Doc? (a carrot cake homage to Bugs Bunny) and so on.

Exactly what kind of bounty are you hunting?

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