Bread Zeppelin Does Unthinkable Things to Baguettes, and It Tastes Pretty Good

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It's a salad, and it's inside a baguette.
As I stood in line waiting for my order to be assembled, I couldn't help but wonder what the poor baguettes did to deserve such a treatment. A woman pulled the loaves from a toaster oven, lopped off the end and used a tongs in a twisting motion to liberate the bread of its innards. The line at Bread Zeppelin was stretching out the door, so she repeated to motion hundreds of times, before handing them off to another worker who used another set of tongs to stuff the cavity with salad.

Bread Zeppelin (6440 N MacArthur Blvd #140, Irving) serves the same litany of salad options that most modern salad operations are tossing for their customers. There are various lettuce options, scores of toppings and embellishments and more dressings than any salad bar you have ever seen. And like many other fast casual salad restaurants, they also chop the ingredients up with a mezzaluna so you get a little of every ingredient like every bite. The big differentiation for Bread Zeppelin is the baguette abuse they carry out at the end of the assembly line.

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How Pecan Lodge Smokes its Brisket

Categories: Barbecue

Pecan Lodge
Pitmaster sandwich at Pecan Lodge: sliced brisket, pulled pork, sausage, cole slaw, jalapeños and food boner.
In "Shigging," we ask pitmasters to give us some specifics about how they smoke their meats. In the spirit of barbecue secretiveness and competitiveness, they're allowed to lie once.

This week, we're asking Justin Fourton, pitmaster at Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum (maybe you've heard of it), how he smokes his brisket.

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Tasting the Beers of Panther Island Brewing

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Craft and Growler hosted the Dallas debut of Fort Worth's newest brewery

These days it seems like you can't swing an empty growler in Dallas without breaking a freshly-screened pint glass from a new local brewery. Is our market saturated? Is there room for another new brewery? What makes this one different from the last?

*insert incessant hand-wringing*

Well, I'll tell you how this one is different, greasy-haired-guy-at-the-bar. These guys are from Fort Worth. That's west of Dallas.

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100 Favorite Dishes, No. 53: The Popeye At Green Grocer

Thumbnail image for Green-Grocer-popeye.JPG
This is for your own good.
To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

I know what you're thinking: This one isn't even a dish. But you will be thanking me once you accept The Green Grocer's Popeye into your life, because the benefits are impossible to refute.

There aren't many other palatable ways to get this much spinach into your day that don't involve bacon, butter or fatty dressing, and there's a whole bunch of other good stuff swirling around in this plastic cup. Not to mention the drinkable salad actually tastes good.

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Rodeo Goat's Christmas In July Burger Is a Big, Messy Present for Your Mouth

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Amy McCarthy
Looks simple, but Santa has a lot going on.

The concept of "Christmas In July" promotions has never really made much sense to me. This is Texas, and nothing about triple-digit temperatures makes me think of the holiday season. Still, what likely started as a clever marketing strategy for stores to boost sluggish summer sales has inspired a damn delicious burger at Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth.

Rodeo Goat is known for making creative and sometimes odd-sounding burgers, and this year's tribute to the holiday season is no exception. The "Santa" burger, available at Rodeo Goat for a limited time, is a surprisingly successful mishmash of Chef Jaymes Murphy's favorite holiday dishes on a buttery, perfectly toasted bun.

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A Guide to Eating in Carrollton, Which Is Much Nicer Than It Sounds

Categories: Best Of Dallas

Kimchi: Stylish Korean Kitchen via Facebook
Kimchi Kitchen's cold-smoked pork belly
As a resident of Carrollton, I feel like we get a raw deal in the media. We're not in any of those fancy things about the neighborhoods, because there are apparently just too many regions of Plano, our sprawling neighbor. Bizarrely little is written about our thriving K-Town, our downtown is walkable, and it's a 20-minute commute if you ignore rush hour and your car's suspension can survive I-35.

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For the Owners of Denton's La Estrella Mini-Mart, Their Taqueria Is Much, Much More

Categories: Tacos

Obed Manuel
La Estrella owner Gricelda Samano.
La Estrella Mini-Mart sits across a pair of railroad tracks that cut through McKinney Street in Denton, the sound of passing trains and their horns a constant nuisance. Its walls boast a collection of custom-made and colorful murals. On sunny days, a bright yellow star beams off the eastern wall it was painted on. On all days, the smell of gasoline slowly drifts from the four gas pumps near the entrance.

Inside, a black-and-white checkered floor tile greets its patrons. Twelve steps is all it takes to get to the other end, where a small drive-thru window constantly swings open, chasing the aroma of seasoned beef, chicken and pork grilling on a flat skillet.

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The Fleeting Joy of Joyce and Gigi's Salteñas

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Get these salteñas while you still can.
It's been more than a year since I talked with Gigliola Aguilera about the salteñas she planned to cook occasionally in her tiny kitchen at Joyce and Gigi's. I called Aguilera out for not putting the stew-filled pastries on her menu, mostly because they're delicious but also because the delicacy hails from Bolivia, where Aguilera was raised.

To my surprise she told me she was actually working on them, but because her kitchen was the size of a business card she'd only be able to offer them as a special now and then. She told me to watch for news on her restaurant's Facebook feed. It's not as simple a task as it sounds.

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Melt Ice Creams Is Simple and Awesome and Worth the Drive to Fort Worth

Categories: First Look

Amy McCarthy
Sunshine in a sea of beige.
In an area that is hot for most of the year, it's somewhat surprising that there aren't more local ice cream shops in Dallas-Fort Worth. There are plenty of places to find paletas and popsicles, but a pint of hand-churned ice cream made with local ingredients is a little more difficult to find in Dallas.

You'll have to drive to Fort Worth, but Melt Ice Creams' "farm-to-cone" frozen treats are worth the trip.

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Where Chef Matt McCallister Eats In Dallas

Categories: Interviews

file photo
When he's not gently placing foraged herbs on one side of a plate at FT33, Matt McCallister has to rest his tweezing hands and take a break from cooking some of the city's best food. You won't find him eating any trendy dishes drizzled with truffle oil or pulling into any of the area's many Jack In The Box drive-thrus, but even a chef like McCallister has to eat somewhere outside of his own kitchen.

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