Go to Palapas for the Nachos If You Must, but Stay for Everything Else

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Catherine Downes
First, a quick aside. If you come to Palapas Seafood Bar and bury yourself in Tex-Mex you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Pick up a menu here and you'll find descriptions of some of the best Mexican seafood to be had in Dallas -- a great mix of ceviches, grilled fishes and tacos on hand-made tortillas served with great condiments. With so many plates of beans and cheese available in Dallas, you'd be a fool to come to a place like this and order the nachos.

See this week's full review: Palapas Seafood Bar's Coastal Breeze

With that said, if you're a fan of carefully adorned tortilla chips you're going to have to come to Palapas and try the nachos. They are everything you could ever want in a rendition of the ubiquitous and often abused bar snack.

Just look at them:

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Wait, Why Did I Just Eat a KFC Double Down?

Nick Rallo
What have I done?

Should I be experiencing fear? What did I expect, after rolling through the KFC drive-thru, cautiously, and saying -- with a finger point of purpose -- "I'll have the Double Down"? Simply because it recently returned to the menu after a probably sensible absence? Should I expect more from a sandwich that's named after the 100 percent increase of a bet?

Am I Double Downing on the bet that my liver will turn into a bloated raft made of fried bits?

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The Original TJ's Fish Market Is Moving to Preston Hollow, and Expanding

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Food Bitch
Plates like these are headed to Preston Hollow this fall.
There was a big buzz when the second location of TJ's Seafood Market opened in Highland Park in 2012. For years TJ's had been a place to pick up a side of salmon, and maybe a few dozen oysters to shuck at home. But when owner Jon Alexis moved into a strip mall alongside Carbone's, suddenly table service was an option, with dishes like salmon lox with all the fixings and ultra buttery lobster rolls.

The plan worked sufficiently well that Alexis plans on duplicating it. He's scrapping the original location and moving it to Preston Royal into a spot that used to house The Purple Cow, a small, local burger chain. Once the grease stains are off the walls, Alexis plans on a pretty significant renovation.

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Dee Lincoln's Is Almost Open in Plano, as Restaurants' March to Suburbia Continues

Thumbnail image for Downes-Dee-Steak.jpg
Catherine Downes
Back in March we took a look at why a number of Dallas restaurants were headed off to the 'burbs to open second locations. Plenty of Plano residents were coming down to Dallas for a visit to Lockhart Smokehouse, Smoke or whatever popular restaurant, so their owners eventually thought why not build a second one up and to build a whole new customer base.

The next Dallas transplant restaurant is Dee Lincoln's Steak and Burger Bar, which was first announced in the beginning of this March, and is already slated to open for its first night of business this Friday. The original Dee's opened last year in Uptown with a menu that features burgers and steaks prominently, and the second Dee's will open in the Preston Towne Crossing development, also featuring red meat, but there will be a few differences.

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Victor Tango's New Young Chef, Kirstyn Brewer, on the Evolution of Dallas' Dining Scene

Via Kirstyn Brewer
Brewer breathes new life into a Henderson Ave establishment.
It seems like the Dallas culinary scene's thought leaders and trendsetters are getting younger and younger as each year passes. Shortly after her 29th birthday, Kirstyn Brewer, executive chef at Victor Tango's, is leading a restaurant that's been a Henderson Avenue institution for more than 10 years.

The few years have been a bit stagnant for Victor Tango's, but it's undergoing a mini-Renaissance in this L.A.-born chef's capable hands. I sat down with Brewer just before she started prepping for the night's dinner service to talk about her culinary background, taking the reins at an established restaurant, and the one ingredient that you'll never see on a Kirstyn Brewer menu.

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Meddlesome Moth Is Throwing a Week-Long Birthday Party with Rare Beer

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Meddlesome Moth Golden Monkey.JPG
Design District stalwart Meddlesome Moth celebrates its fourth birthday this week. The last fourth birthday party I attended featured a face painter, a quarter sheet cake from Costco, and a trove of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot merchandise. The proprietors of the Dallas Observer's favorite beer wall, however, will be celebrating in a much different fashion. Every night this week, they have scheduled dinners with the owners of several national breweries (Breckenridge, Founders, among others), and have also completely reset their beer menu.

Yesterday I spoke with Matt Quenette, Meddlesome Moth's beer director, to ask him about the birthday bash. Quenette was up until 5 a.m. on Monday rearranging and resetting the taps, and he told me that this tradition goes back to their first year.

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La Me's Banh Mi Is Three Dollars' Worth of Suburban Strip-Mall Bliss

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Get ready.
There are scores of Vietnamese restaurants dotted throughout Richardson and Garland just outside of the loop, and nearly all of them are poised to sell you the cheapest lunch you'll ever buy, in the form of banh mi. The sandwich is to Vietnam as pastrami sandwiches are to New York City and cheesesteaks are to Philadelphia, and they'll only set you back about three bucks apiece.

My favorite, for the next few weeks at least, is the version served at La Me in Dallas, located in the same strip mall as Vietnamese super restaurant Bistro B. La Me boasts a much small dining room, by comparison, and it's located next to a pet store, so there may or may not be a caged parakeet or two on the sidewalk out front.

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Mi Piaci Cucina, the Short-Lived Restaurant That Replaced Short-Lived Ocho, Has Closed

Sign taped to the front door of Mi Piaci
This is not the sort of sign you want to see taped to the door of a restaurant where you've held a long-awaited reservation for Easter Bunch, but customers who walked up to Mi Piaci's shiny glass windows expecting drinks and food have been met with locked doors since last Friday.

The landlord has changed the locks to these premises due to failure to pay rent... The landlord has elected to terminate the lease effective immediately.
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Been Waiting for Bigger, Better Crawfish? Your Time Could Soon Be Here.

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It's go time.
If you thought the whole "head-sucking" thing with crawfish had too much innuendo, wait until a girl holds her two index fingers parallel about a few inches apart and tells you she's seen much bigger. That was the image captured in an article published in the Washington Post last week about how the Louisiana shellfish are running a bit inadequate this year.

The Houston Press told a similar "tail" earlier this spring. Stephen Minvielle, director at the Louisiana Crawfish Research & Promotion Board, noted ice storms and cold weather were keeping mudbug catches at unprecedented lows. He feared the weather might affect the entire season. Thankfully, though, things are starting to look up.

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Lakewood Brewing Looks to Seduce North Texas with Another Temptress Special Release

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On April 28 Lakewood Brewing Co. will release the next in a limited-run series of their Temptress imperial milk stout. This new Mexcian-inspired edition will be available on draft at only a small selection of restaurants and bars around Dallas and Fort Worth. In the theme of Cinco de Mayo, the surly Temptress that has captured the hearts and bellies of so many will don a green, white and red flag for a spicy mole variation.

Thirty barrels of Mole Temptress were made by adding ancho, chipotle, guajillo and pasilla chiles, along with cinnamon and 100-percent pure cacao nibs (which were sourced via Dude, Sweet Chocolate of Dallas) at the end of the fermentation process. The ingredients were then allowed to slowly seep into the belly of the Temptress, and later yours.

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